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Reality is in the eye of the beholder

Every situation and every human being is unique. This is why one rarely finds universal solutions for initiating change processes. Customised solutions are a necessity.

To ensure we fulfil the specific requirements and needs of each person and each organisation, all elements of our services are formulated as part of an ongoing dialogue with clients and participants.

I am pleased to see that we are different.
May we together become greater than the sum of us.
– Vulcan greeting from "Star Trek"

Differences are often seen as stressful and as a hindrance to smooth communication and cooperation. However, the end result of excluding that which is novel and different is stagnation. Differences offer the potential for the mutual development of new ideas and solutions.

Accepting and treasuring differences and recognising and utilising synergies constitutes the essence of our consulting services.


To a friend one gives a fish.
But someone you really love you teach the art of fishing.
– Chinese proverb

Consulting services and training programs are designed to initiate change. However, the more a consultant prescribes changes, the more the client is robbed of their autonomy.

Therefore, our training and consulting services are not only designed to impart knowledge, but to initiate self-directed learning processes, to permit the discovery of new perspectives and to provide the framework to engineer the change process oneself.

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